July, 2019



July-17-2019 - July-19-2019


NYC Health + Hospitals/Woodhull, 760 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206 - 10th floor Solarium


Just Culture Certification Course
July 17th: 8am – 5pm
July 18th: 8am – 4pm

HR-Focused Seminar
July 19th: 8am – 5pm

Course Registration

$1,895 per person  Just Culture Certification Course
$495 per person     HR-Focused Seminar (must be certified in Just Culture to participate)
$2,290 per person  Just Culture Certification Course & HR Focused Seminar


A course discount is offered if you are a hospital in the state of New York or have a minimum of 3 registrants. Please contact courses@outcome-eng.com for a discount code.


Agenda & Brochure

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Event Details

Just Culture Certification Course

We struggle in today’s world to hold people accountable in a fair and just manner when things don’t go as planned. Nowhere is this more evident than in high consequence industries like healthcare. We all want accountability, but what does that look like when any mistake, any choice, could have devastating outcomes? Outcome Engenuity’s Just Culture Certification Course explores this very question and changes how industry leaders view the concept of justice. Synthesizing research from systems engineering, human factors, and the law, this course empowers leaders to make a difference. Leaders make an immediate impact upon returning to their organizations to improve investigations, reducing adverse events, and fostering a culture of curiosity, shared learning, and accountability.

Outcome Engenuity is the only firm that provides training AND certifies through testing that course attendees have the depth of knowledge to lead their organizations in cultural transformation to a culture of consistently improved outcomes.

Learning objectives
– Identify the role of an organization’s mission and values
– Define the factors of system design and good design strategies
– Describe the principles of managing the five core behaviors
– Describe the legal principles that provide the foundation for Just Culture
– Define the role played by imposers and the tools they use
– Identify the role of ‘the reasonable person standard’
– Define and contrast outcome-based and procedure-based duties
– Define and describe the three duties and how to identify breaches of those duties
– Demonstrate proficiency using the Just Culture Algorithm™ through guided practice

Who should attend
– Patient Safety Officers
– Chief Operating Officers
– Chief Nursing Officers
– Chief Medical Officers
– Chief Human Resources Officers
– Risk Managers
– Other Departmental Leaders 


HR-Focused Seminar

Anyone who knows our work at Outcome Engenuity knows we’ve been steadfastly championing the cause of workplace justice for more than two decades. For many in the safety profession, “just culture” has been about creating a more just view toward our inescapable fallibility. But that version of “just culture” is only the tip of the justice iceberg. A look at employment law in the United States reveals a workplace historically devoid of justice. We Americans came charging out of the industrial revolution with the deeply-embedded doctrine of employment-at-will – that employment was simply an arms-length business transaction. As an employee working in an inner-city sweat shop in the early 1900’s, you may have had the freedom to quit whenever you wished, but your employer had the freedom to terminate your employment whenever they wished, for good cause, no cause, and even bad cause.

In the last 60 years, labor laws have whittled away at the injustice of “bad cause.” Today, you cannot legally refuse to hire, or choose to fire, because of a person’s gender, religious preference, or the color of their skin. And as we continue to collectively push for a more “just” culture, it is the Human Resources Officer and Human Resources team that must continue to champion workplace justice, whether that be how the organization responds to our inescapable fallibility, our ever-present self-interest, or our cancerous prejudice toward others. Let the Chief Safety Officer advocate for safety, the Chief Financial Officer fight for financial stewardship, and let the Chief Human Resources Officer be the advocate for workplace justice.

Learning Objectives
– Describe different roles of procedural and substantive justice
– Understand the 5 Behaviors and assessment of breaches of duty
– Use the Algorithms for HR-specific scenarios
– Apply Just Culture principles to the HR environment

Please note, to participate in the HR-Focused Seminar, you must be certified in Just Culture.



New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
(2.7 miles from Course location)
333 Adams Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Approximately $320/night
Map and Directions


Condor Hotel – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (1 mile from Course location)
56 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Approximately $195/night
Map and Directions


BKLYN House Hotel (0.5 miles from Course location)
9 Beaver Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Approximately $350/night
Map and Directions


Shuttle between hotel and Certification Course venue is not pre-arranged. Please contact your hotel of choice to inquire if they offer shuttle services.