Just Culture
Certification Course

It’s become trendy to say you have a “just culture.” Yet, most leaders know it only by name. They know it’s tied to creating an open learning culture, and they know it’s about producing better outcomes. Some might even see it as a moral obligation to treat their employees in a way that gives recognition to our shared fallibility. Beyond that, for many, Just Culture is a mystery.

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January 2020

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That’s why we have the Just Culture Certification course. Four hours of pre-work to understand how we got here, and two days learning the concepts of workplace justice. It won’t turn you into a lawyer, but it will surely prepare you to lead the dialogue when things don’t go as planned within your organization. It is our baseline training for helping you lead the culture change.

  • Learn the history of our social trend toward a more punitive, yet unaccountable culture.
  • Learn the notions of duty, breach, and consequence as applied to inescapably fallible human beings.
  • Learn the scientific, legal, and social basis for a more just culture.
  • Learn of the deliberate design of the Just Culture Algorithm™.
  • Learn how to become a role model, mentor, and coach to your employees.

This course provides the most comprehensive instruction available on the Five Skills for achieving better outcomes:

  • Identifying Values and Setting Expectations
  • Improving System Design
  • Managing Behavioral Choices
  • Building and Utilizing Robust Learning Systems
  • Ensuring Justice and Accountability – The Just Culture Algorithm™

Materials Provided Include:

  • The Just Culture Algorithm™ v3.2
  • One-Year Subscription to the Just Culture Assessment Tool
  • One-Year Subscription to the Outcome Engenuity Academy that includes:
    • Event Investigation Toolkit and Online Training
    • Coaching & Mentoring Action Guide and Online Training
    • Just Culture for Managers Workbook and Online Training

Certification Exam

Online training, attending the course, and hands-on exercises will prepare you for the Just Culture Champion certification exam. Following the exam, you may review your resuts with a Just Culture Advisor to fine-tune any areas you may be struggling with and discuss how to implement Just Culture in your organization.