Just Culture –
The Foundation of an Effective Safety Culture

What is a Just Culture?

A system of justice (disciplinary and enforcement action) that reflects what we now know of socio-technical system design, human free will and our inescapable human fallibility.

What are the benefits of a Just Culture?

  • Justice
    (a more ethical response to our inescapable fallibility)
  • A learning culture
    (raising a hand to say I’ve made a mistake)
  • Better outcomes
    (safety, service)
  • Better HR metrics
    (higher retention, fewer grievances, higher performing employees)

Why Outcome Engenuity’s model of Just Culture?

  • Outcome Engenuity CEO David Marx developed the Just Culture model over 20 years ago and it has now become the industry standard to drive a culture of safety.
  • Outcome Engenuity is the only firm that provides Just Culture training AND certifies through testing that course attendees have the depth of knowledge to lead organizational transformation to a Just Culture.
  • Outcome Engenuity’s Just Culture Algorithm™ doesn’t lump all behaviors into one category but rather allows for each behavior to be evaluated separately to more effectively determine the root cause. It is a scientifically valid, legally-supported model that will work for the many and varied events and conducts faced by an organization.

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