About Us

Outcome Engenuity, LLC was founded in 1997 by David Marx. The firm set out to help the world manage human error through the integration of systems engineering, human factors, and the law. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped organizations and regulatory authorities around the world do a better job of managing the perils of our inescapable fallibility.

We are a boutique firm. Where others in the world do it well, we stand aside. Where the world can use a better set of methods and tools, we put our focus.

David Marx

David Marx,

David is the Chief Executive Officer of Outcome Engenuity. He has spent his career helping high consequence organizations develop values-supportive practices and culture. In the healthcare sector, David has been working to help healthcare institutions and regulatory agencies reduce the risk of iatrogenic patient harm. In the area of system design, David’s ST-PRA process has been used to model and mitigate risks from wrong site surgery to medication errors. In the area of safety culture, David authored the document, “Patient Safety and the ‘Just Culture’: A Primer for Healthcare Executives,” for the National Institutes of Health, and is considered the father of the Just Culture movement. Read David’s Bio

John Westphal

John Westphal,
Chief Advisor

John Westphal is the Chief Advisor at Outcome Engenuity working in both industry and healthcare applying systems engineering and Just Culture principles to generate highly reliable outcomes within those socio-technical systems. John has more than two decades of experience in high consequence industries. He has worked in the military, general, and commercial aviation; aerospace maintenance and flight operations; power generation industries; the US Forest Service; manufacturing; and healthcare. Read John’s Bio

Barbara Olson,
Chief Clinical Officer Executive Lead, Healthcare Operations

Barbara Olson serves as Outcome Engenuity’s Chief Clinical Officer and Executive Lead, Healthcare Operations. In this role, she oversees Just Culture implementations for health system clients and supports Trajectories, Outcome Engenuity’s socio-technical risk modeling system in healthcare.

Before joining Oe in 2019, Barbara held professional positions with HCA Healthcare as Director, Patient Safety in HCA’s Nashville, TN headquarters. She later joined LifePoint Health, serving as Vice President, Clinical Improvement & Healthcare Safety. Read Barbara’s Bio

Anne Millman,
Senior Advisor

Anne is a patient safety professional with more than 15 years of experience working with hospitals and health systems in North America, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. She has a particular interest in the measurement and understanding of culture and its contributions to patient safety and staff engagement, the implementation of Just Culture principles, and the use of event reporting data to identify system defects and drive change.

Anne has significant experience as both a Consultant and as a patient safety officer within hospitals, from large academic medical centers to community hospitals and critical access facilities. Read Anne’s Bio

Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen,
Senior Advisor

Jerry is the Director of Transportation and Energy at Outcome Engenuity working with both industries to achieve better outcomes through the application of the Five Skills and Just Culture model. Jerry has three decades of experience in safety and risk reduction in high consequence industries. He has worked extensively in commercial, industrial, and corporate aviation; aerospace maintenance and flight operations; manufacturing; utility industries; and rail operations. Read Jerry’s Bio

Aaron Haskins,
Senior Advisor

Working with organizations from a wide variety of industries to achieve better outcomes through the application of the Workplace Accountability, Root Cause Analysis, and Highly Reliable Outcomes models. Aaron has taught numerous training and certification courses to leaders looking to implement Just Culture accountability and learning systems in their organizations. Read Aaron’s Bio

David Van Rycke

David Van Rycke,
Director of Operations

David van Rycke is the Director of Operations at Outcome Engenuity. David joined Outcome Engenuity in 2012 after ten years of experience in specialized logistics, project management, customer service, finance, and business operations. His current responsibilities include managing company finances, overseeing various departments, leading international business development, and managing overall operations.