Model-Based Risk Management Consulting Services

Outcome Engenuity has helped organizations achieve excellent results in reducing the rate of adverse events. Our approach to socio-technical probabilistic risk assessment helps organizations truly understand the current state and improve the design of their systems to effectively reduce the risk of active failures and mitigate the harm that they may cause.

Here are some examples of the results we have helped organizations achieve.

Task: Mitigate risk of Aircraft Ground Damage

Industry: Aviation

Result: 95% reduction in aircraft ground damage

Summary: “We need more wing walkers” is how one of our first prospective modeling tasks started.  It was the statement made by the aircraft technicians who were convinced they knew the cause; yet by the end of the modeling exercise, they had reversed course, now convinced that wing walkers were the problem.  What we needed was a system of barriers and redundancy.  And it gave them a 95% reduction in aircraft ground damage.

Task: Mitigate risk of Mislabeled Blood Specimens

Industry: Healthcare

Result: 90% reduction in mislabeled specimens across six hospitals

Summary: The modeling task developed an intervention called the “Final Check” which required any clinical staff collecting blood specimens to read out loud the last 3 digits of the Medical Record (MR) number printed on the label against the MR number on the patient armband.  We cut the size of the task in half to get a 90% reduction in mislabeled specimens.

Task: Mitigate risk of Vehicles in Reverse (VR) Accidents

Industry: Utilities

Result: 93% reduction in vehicle accidents

Summary: “Stop – Scan – Primary” was the key intervention to control a number of sensory inputs a driver was required to assess while the vehicle was in motion.  In other words, Stop and Scan for threats, when a threat (i.e., another vehicle) is identified, pick a Primary input (left side mirror) to deal with that threat.  Once the threat has been navigated, restart the process of “Stop – Scan – Primary.”  We simplified the task of backing up a vehicle and got a 93% reduction in accidents.