Engineering Better Outcomes Through
Model-Based Risk Management

We can do more than reactively learn from adverse events. Managers can learn to design reliable systems, and model how we humans will act within those systems. It’s called model-based risk management. Embodied in our new Trajectories™ toolset, it’s like nothing else on the market – part systems engineering, part behavioral economic. Come learn the techniques to help you get ahead of problems before they arise.

Highly Reliable Outcomes Fundamentals & Concepts

This course gives managers the practical tools and risk management training to evaluate the current state and design systems and guide human choices in those systems to produce better outcomes.

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Trajectories Tool for Model-Based Risk Management

The recently developed Trajectories software tool allows users to qualitatively assess the robustness of a socio-technical system considering the presence of identified active failures.

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What We Believe About High Reliability

Outcome Engenuity has been helping high consequence organizations improve their outcomes for over 20 years. These issue papers provide an overview of the concepts we have found helpful in our model-based risk management work.

Model Based Risk Management Services - "Rather than focus on High Reliability Organization, it's better to think of "highly reliable outcomes" Every organization can achieve extraordinary results around those few things they choose to value the most." - John Westphal Chief Advisor, Outcome Engenuity

Model-Based Risk Management Consulting Services

Outcome Engenuity has helped organizations achieve dramatic results – often with over 90% reduction in the rate of adverse events. We work with our clients to observe and audit the current state, clearly document it, understand the root cause(s) of active failures, and implement system design changes to reduce the rate of adverse events.