Engineering Better Outcomes
Through Root Cause Analysis

How you investigate and learn from events will be crucial to your ability to manage risk. We’ve been developing investigative methodologies for the last 25 years, having our fingerprint on award winning techniques used around the world in high-consequence industries. From the five rules of causation, to cause and effect diagramming, our methods are the state-of-the-art for learning from socio-technical system events. Come learn the fundamentals of root cause analysis.

Root Cause Analysis
Certification Course

This course teaches how to learn from events using a methodology and practical tools that produce better investigative results.

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Causal Diagramming Tool

Our free diagramming software complements our investigative methodology and helps organizations explore the capacity of a single event investigation to provide meaningful insights into organizational risk.

Root Cause Analysis Consulting Services

Outcome Engenuity experts can help organizations with everything from investigating a single significant event to designing a comprehensive root cause analysis process.

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